infantseeInfantSEE® is a public health program for infants sponsored by the American Optometric Association in partnership with the Vision Care Institute of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. InfantSEE® was created to increase awareness of the importance of eye care in the first year of life.

The Colorado Optometric Association is proud to be a part of this landmark public health program. Our members have dedicated their time and expertise to be certain that Colorado's children have the brightest future possible through good vision and eye health.

Before their first birthday, babies undergo many developmental stages. The changes in the visual system during this time are dramatic and lay the groundwork for future developmental and academic milestones. Too frequently, eye and vision problems go undetected until much later in life. Eye problems like amblyopia ("lazy eye") and strabismus ("eye turn") can often be treated, but the treatment programs are most effective when problems are caught at a very early age.

InfantSEE® is designed to encourage parents to include eye and vision care as part of a child's well baby care. Volunteer optometrists from the Colorado Optometric Association will be providing, free of charge, a one-time eye vision and eye health assessment for infants up to twelve months of age.

Click here to go to the national InfantSEE® website for more information and to find an InfantSEE® provider in your area.