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Success Stories - Vision Therapy Testimonials from North Park Vision Center

Meet Adam
When Adam was 8 he started struggling with squinting and loss of attention at school. When we went for an eye exam, Adam was prescribed glasses as well as the recommendation to participate in Vision therapy. Adam was struggling with eye tracking, eye movements and focus which was affecting his school work in more ways than we realized. After 14 months of vision therapy Adam’s reading, math and language arts tests scores went from the 30% up to the 80% and his attention and focus at school dramatically improved. He also is able to problem solve faster and easier then before. Even a year after therapy has been completed, his test scores continue to grow. After seeing the results, we did not hesitate to put our younger son in therapy when he too showed signs of struggling with eye movements and reading.[/extra_wrap]

A Letter From a Happy Mom
elianaIt's Thanksgiving time and I would like to say I am extremely THANKFUL for what you have done for our little girl.

Please find attached pictures of our little girl who in February was not able to even write numbers or letters. She didn't recognize traced letters or numbers and she was diagnosed with depth and space perception problems. Her therapy started right away and 9 months later I feel grateful that she is improving so much with your help.

This is priceless. God bless you always!

Meet Tyler
Our son Tyler had a traumatic brain injury when he was 2.5 years old. While still in the hospital recovering, he received OT, PT, and speech therapy services. At the therapists' request, we continued OT and speech after his return home. When he turned 5, we had a neurological evaluation where his diagnosis was ADHD. It was only during a routine eye exam that next year when we learned that his eyes were not tracking properly, and vision therapy (VT) was suggested. We wondered why he would need VT when his eyesight was fine with glasses. We were skeptical, but were willing to do anything to help our son be at his full potential.

Within the first few months of VT, we noticed significant changes in Tyler. He was able to follow along with the conversation at family dinner and even interjected comments/thoughts. (Historically, he just sat at the table and listened). After working on his depth perception, he was able to catch a ball (which explained why when younger he would knock us over when playing or greeting us-he couldn't tell how close/far we were to him). He couldn't process multi-step tasks. We had thought that he was being defiant, but learned the he just couldn't process all of the information being asked of him nor could he verbalize this, which led to frustration for all of us. The best part was that Tyler also know that he was 'getting better' and his personality was beginning to shine through.

VT was just shy of three years of hard work, but would we go down this path again? ABSOLUTELY! Since vision therapy, his math and spelling are much improved using the visual techniques and strategies that he learned. He dances to the beat of the music when prior to VT he couldn't even stand on the ground and tap his hand to the beat. He also overall is much happier that he can communicate his thoughts/feelings to us. In the end, VT worked for him and was well worth the time and effort our family put forth.

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