Do you have specialty lenses for the different activities in your life?

Do you have specialty lenses for the different activities in your life?

Specialty lenses help you perform activities such as playing sports, driving a car, or working on a computer. Tinted lenses can help improve your game; statistics show colored lenses help differentiate between the ball and the background when playing sports like golf, tennis, and baseball. Lenses can also have treatments enhancing your visibility while driving or working on the computer.

Although most people think reading glasses are intended for an older generation, the truth is people of all ages could potentially benefit from reading glasses. If you experience headaches or have difficulty reading, knitting, or finishing a crossword puzzle, readers may help your eyes focus better and create less eye strain.

UV protective sunwear should be used when playing at the beach, gardening, and all other sun-basking activities as the rays emitted from the sun can cause serious damage to the eye's retina. When purchasing sunwear, be sure the lenses are designed to protect your eyes from UVC, UVB, and UVA rays.

Owning a wide variety of sunwear, sportswear, and specialized lenses for everything you do in life can help protect your eyes from potential damage and help you see better during daily activities. Stop by our office to find the perfect pair for your favorite activity!

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