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Pleased With The Results


My daughter just graduated from vision therapy at North Park Vision Center. It took some time but we are all pleased with the results. When she started, she wouldn't walk into the room without "flapping." She couldn't run in a straight line and she couldn't catch a ball. She couldn't sit still or focus. But now, she walks into the room calmly. She can focus on the things she is asked to do even with other people talking in the room. Most importantly, she is doing better in school. She has come a long way and we are so proud of her. Thank you Dr. Rose!

- Jen K. - Google Review

Highly Recommend


When my daughter first arrived at North Park Vision, she couldn't trace letters like a normal child would do, we had to hold her back at Pre-K because she wouldn't recognize letters or numbers. She was not able to catch a ball or walk without being on her tip toes. She had depth and spacial perception problems and cognitive learning issues. It has been a long way for our little girl but with the help of Dr. Rose and her team she finally graduated and she can read, write and do problem solving without getting overly frustrated. My daughter finally enjoys school, reading and writing! I would highly recommend vision therapy with North Park Vision!

- Flavia B - Google Review

Very Satisfied


I have been going to Dr. Rose for the last 4 years and always feel well taken care of. I have a heavy prescription and family history of retinal detachments and Dr. Rose always dilates my eyes and checks over them very carefully for any signs of tears, etc. It makes me feel good knowing she is paying such close attention!

- Christine S. - Google Review

Thank You


I could never figure out why my oldest daughter struggled so much in school. But because Dr. Rose and her vision therapy team, cared and took the time to help my daughter, my daughter is now a grade ahead (a freshman as an 8th grader at Arvada West High School) working to be on the Honor Roll. Now I am back with my son. I am so excited to be back and I am looking forward to his success. I can't even begin to explain the weight that this office has taken off my shoulders. I know for a fact that I will be bringing the rest of my children when the time comes. Thank you to everyone at NorthPark. I ❤️ all of you!!

- Rose C. - Google Review

Great Service and Super Professional


We loved this place! My son is 8 yo and it was his first time to see an eye doctor. The doctor was great, very professional and very kids friendly, she was the best! She did so much and so fast. My son was so happy with his new reading glasses. So convenient to have the store right there. Before we left, he picked up the glasses. In less than 10 days the glasses were ready. Great service, fast and super professional. This practice is now the practice of our whole family!

- Luciana A-C - Google Review